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Green Beans






A mutual commitment between food growers and their community of supporters/consumers.  In purchasing a share of the harvest before the growing season begins, the community shareholder provides farmers with much needed and appreciated finances at the leanest and most expensive stage of the growing season (spring).  In return, the shareholder will have secured a portion of food from the local harvest and will have contributed to the stability of their local food market. Supporting our growing efforts at the onset of the season greatly enables us to grow and harvest more effectively during the entire season.

17 weeks of vegetables delivered to your door.

Every week for 17 weeks, you receive a box full of delicious Organic Pemberton veggies and flowers delivered to your doorstep.  We provide recipes to help you enjoy the food and a weekly newsletter to keep you updated on our farming season.

The exact contents of each box are a surprise and will depend on what is in season at the time!

Throughout the season, we extend CSA members the option to add bulk orders of tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes, and squash to their delivery

We deliver to Pemberton, Whistler, and Squamish.

Join our Veggie Box Program - treat yourself to fresh, seasonal veggies all summer long.

17 vegetable boxes delivered to your door in Pemberton, Whistler, or Squamish!

Delivery begins mid-June and ends mid/end of October, depending on the weather.

Payment Options:

A. Pay in Full Now: $530.00 (save $15)

B. Pay 1/2 Now + 1/2 Later: $545.00 (Two payments of $273.50. Second payment due by Aug 12)

Flower Add-On:

+ $240 for Weekly Flower Bouquet - 12 bouquets

+ $120 for Bi-Weekly Flower Bouquet - 6 bouquets

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