• Enjoy 17 weeks of the most delicious fresh veggies delivered to your door! 


    Throughout the season, you'll get a weekly box of farm-fresh vegetables along with recipe suggestions, farm newsletters and photos detailing the trials and tribulations of your vegetables and their farmers.  With every subscription we include a free pass to our sunflower maze in August! :)

    Total price afte1 payment      =  $565

    Total price after 2 payments    =  $585 ($292.50 now + $292.50 in August)

    Add Bi-Weekly Flowers            =  $125
    Add Weekly flowers                  =  $250


    *Choosing to pay "Manual" by e-transfer will save you $5.00 and help us keep our prices down.  I will send you an invoice to pay that includes this discount. 

    CSA Vegetable Box Delivery (17 weeks)


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