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How the Program Works

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

How the Program works:  First box is June 24 (Pemberton/Squamish) and June 25 (Whistler)!!! K so before we get to photos and stories we're going to fill you in on how this program works. You've signed up for 17 weeks of farm fresh vegetables delivered to your door. it's going to be awesome.

We harvest early in the AM Tuesday and Wednesday and drop the booty at Pemberton and Squamish doorsteps Wednesday and Whistler on Thursday. We aim to have these boxes delivered between 3 and 7. Sorry I can't be any more specific until we've tried the route. The delivery is always very challenging the first couple times but we do speed up as we get to know the route. Please be patient with us... we are not FEDEX :)

Text me at 604 966 7877 or email if you're worried that you did not get your box

Impressively, the vast majority of you are returning members so you know how our delivery system works .... essentially nothing has changed

....but we did open up a few extra spots so here's the skinny for those of you who squeaked in.

When you signed up you provided us with a shady cool safe drop location ie: garage under workbench or outside front door etc... If you did not specify, we default to dropping the blue bin at your front step.

We will drop a box at the drop spot, ring or knock quick and keep running. We're in a hurry so we apologize in advance if we seem rude with a jogging wave but this is a very big route and until we have it memorized we will be hustling.

The following week, you leave us the empty box in the exact same spot and we will replace it with a full one.

1. Please leave the insulation bubble wrap in the box.. don't throw it out.

2. We love composting but it's best if you guys do your own composting. Vegetable tops rot in the containers on the way home so it's nice if we pick up an empty box.

Easy peasy on your end. Just pick up the box, empty the contents into your fridge and put it back at the drop spot. ---find a full one again in a week.

We need everyone to really try and remember to get their boxes. Either immediately empty it and put it back out there, or set reminder on your phone. Every year we lose a bunch of boxes to folks not returning them. This is getting very expensive. Please please please work with us on this.

Bi Weekly box members- Your deliveries will start week 2. We didn't want you to miss the cherries and they're one week late! if you've split a box with a friend, then one of you will be included in box one. Don't be worried if you miss the cherries or feel box one is light.. we make it up once the farm is booming. Works out every year.. guaranteed :)

Ok so here we go. We're excited to get going here. It's been a bit cool this spring so a few things are moving slower but everything is moving and will make it to your boxes.

Getting the farm started is often an uphill battle, tiny baby vegetable plants growing in cool conditions can lack a fair bit of momentum. The nighttime temperature dip to near fatal every night and we all bite our nails just limping it all along until the heat hits; then it all changes. Often I think of learning about inertia in high school science class.

Inertia: The tendency for objects in motion to stay in motion, and objects at rest to stay at rest.

I guess we aren't dealing directly with friction but once the heat sets in and the soil warms up to temperatures where the plants can grow and start to take care of themselves, you really feel the surge as as plants, sun and soil gain traction and work fast together. Everything is toiling every moment of every day and night to grow; we're no longer nursing them but more accurately running by their side offering support. This is a turning point that we feel each year... I think maybe we've pushed that heavy ball up over the hill and it's on it's way down now. 

Weekly and Bi-Weekly flower subscriptions. OK so we work to start this up by box 3. As you can see the first blooms are happening, but it's an odd season so again.. we will confirm as the date approaches. It's a last minute decision type of year on this stuff.

Carrots are starting to size up.. we've tried a few but they will need another week or so.  Hold your breath.. it won't be long ;)

Radish is going off! If there ever was a spring designed to grow perfect radish, it's now.  I've never felt like radish really tasted like a red thing.. odd thought I know, but I think it every time I eat one.

Broc, Caulli, Cabbage, Kale and more.. .. We drag steel through every inch of each field each week disturbing soil and holding back weeds.  We run alongside these growing plants all year long knocking down their competition and feeding them until they can take care of themselves in the homestretch to the finish line... Farming...

Zucchini, melon, pepper, eggplant block.  These guys love heat and it's nice to keep the fruit clean for higher quality harvest.  We create an environment that promotes all these things.   Oddly weed control is not what is behind this layout.  Its a bit of hassle as far as weeds are concerned. 

Every week we run through both tomato houses and a cucumber melon house to prune and baby these plants.  That's right.. I said melon  house!  We can't wait....

Thanks so much for supporting a local farm effort and contributing to local agriculture in the Sea to Sky. This year the need for food security was highlighted as we all felt supply chains threatened. The Pemberton valley has beautiful soil, loads of water, talented and dedicated farmers and the capacity to grow loads of food for the community if we have your support. Thank you!

Please be in touch by text 604 966 7877 (Budgie) 604 906 1305 (Kerry) or email and give us a day or so to get back. I'm probably busy fixing the water and Kerry, John and Brad are busy relaxing in hammocks drinking daiquiris. ;)


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