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Veggie Box #8, 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Veggie Box #8!  We were really pumped to put this one together.  We did a bit of split with Romaine and iceberg lettuce.  Iceberg was a new lettuce for us in the field.  We were suprised to find it somewhat challenging to grow.  So many learning moments in a farm season.  

August is the time of year where we are on the run!  Newsletters get a bit shorter to make time for harvest and all the rest.  I think the important information in this box is to let you know about the shishito peppers and to identify your herb.

The Shishito! 

These peppers are just amazing served as an appetizer or snack.. blistered in a pan with oil, salt and a bit of citrus if you have it.  Although they look like they could be.. these are not spicy peppers.  Give them a google and you'll see loads of people talking about them.  It's fun to try new things and this is a new exciting item that we are experimenting with on the farm.   Serve em up with some cold white wine and I think you'll find them to be a unique and awesome treat.  Really trendy right now and we can't keep them on the table at market!


If you haven't yet had a chance, please come out and check the sunflowers.  Use the code veggieboxcrew to buy your ticket at  I think I failed to properly mention last week that this code can be used once for each visit. Please don't be afraid to use it as often as you visit.   We are updating the poetry, quotes and prose in the maze each week and there are some great nuggets in there to read while relaxing in the flowers. 

Take care and talk soon everyone! 


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