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Veggie Box #3, 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Kerry and I share a Google photo album and I always find pockets of flower selfies tucked into the automatic uploads :P. haha.  I hope all of the flower subscribers are having as much fun as Kerry with the first flowers of the season this week! Read further down after "Whats in the box" to get some tips and techniques to keep your blooms fresh. 

2020 Weather: Back to that theme of "unique" that we were discussing in a newsletter way back before the growing season even started.  With the virus situation, we were well aware of there being a unique season ahead.  We had no idea that the weather would also join the party and come wearing its own unique unfamiliar costume. Cold and Wet!    Pemberton is typically pretty hot and dry.  By the time mid-June gets rolling we're irrigating constantly, fretting about cold-loving plants (broccoli) and watching heat-loving plants boom and gain quick ground (tomatoes, squash and cut flowers).  This season the roles are reversed and we get to watch broccoli thrive in July and squash sit still waiting for its much-needed heat.   One of the great things about a mixed vegetable farm is its diversity and the resilience that comes with this.  As weather conditions change there is often at least something out there that is enjoying the conditions.  I"m not going to lie to you... it's throwing a wrench into our plans but we are managing over here and will keep limping everything along until that inevitable eventual summer gives us a blast and the landscape becomes more familiar.  ----fingers crossed for next week!---

A couple of years ago we dramatically decreased the amount of black plastic ground cover used on the farm and opted for different weed control methods.  We love farming on bare ground and controlling the weeds through mechanical means but we are definitely noting the advantages that this black plastic gave us in insulating us from cool weather risk.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. 

What's in Veggie Box #3 : We are pumped on this weeks harvest.. really feels like we are getting started.  Sugar Snap Peas- The best Zucchini- Zucchini season begins.. my back hurts thinking aboutit Salanova- This is lettuce mix of incised leaf varieties.  We love it Cucumber- Ok so this heat lover thankfully is in a greenhouse Broccoli- All of the Broccoli dreams are coming true. Cool and wet Carrots-  Farm favorite forever.  Great to see them again Spigariello- Ok .. so this is a new one and it is exciting to us.  Let's face it, you don't get to try a new vegetable that often.. and one with such a cool name.  50% of the fun of this guy is just saying the name.  .. The other part is eating it.  It really is pretty great and we've been trying it in all sorts of stuff this week. Steamed, on pizza, always sauteed with Garlic and butter.  When in doubt always garlic and butter.... Spig is a broccoli family plant that has a slightly sweeter taste than kale and a less fibrous stem.   Give it a google.  Everyone is talking about it! :) .. AKA- Cima di Rapa or Brocoletti

Flower Care! 

Kerry walks you through a bit of flower care here in this video.   This stuff is real quick easy and it works!  Keep your flowers fresh for longer. 

Latest farm upgrade... pea picking bins... Total hit!  They'll also be awesome for beans and Cherry tomatoes :)

Ok... I bet there are some carrots to weed out there.  Take care and talk soon!  


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