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Veggie Box #2, 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hi friends.. in a not so unique turn of events, the farm is experiencing a few technical difficulties, the cooler is failing (good thing we have a few) and delivery van is down :).  Standard stuff and we will organize and get the boxes out no problemo today... but the newsletter will have to be short.  Before we do what's in the box I wanted to share a few photos of an awesome hangout we had this week.  

All the farms like to get together a few times before the season starts to swallow up all of our spare time.  This season we organized the first-ever "Golden Boot farm golf invitational."  Brad, John and Nikki designed and mowed the course and everyone showed up to play.

What's in Veggie Box #2 Hakurei Turnips Garlic Scapes Lettuce head Black Kale Bunch Dill or Taragon Cherries Brocolli or Broccoli Certified Organic Cherries from Snowy mountain orchards! It's early season and all the obvious stuff like tomatoes and cucumbers and carrots are just around the corner.  We encourage you to embrace the early season fast-growing vegetables.   It really is a great time of the season to be eating farm fresh and all the other stuff is on the way :)   If you're new to the program, you may need to google one or two of the items or better yet.. go check out Katherine's website and set up your username and password with access key: laughingcrow20 .  Katherine as all the answers.    

Sunflower field update: These guys are about 4" tall, super healthy and waiting for a bit of heat.  Aren't we all.. Juneuary gives way to Julyber.  (thanks for that one Lauren;)



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