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Sunflower Maze Information

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

We managed to get the Whistler boxes packed up and out the door and now we're in full speed setup mode to make a memorable and safe environment in the sunflowers this season. 

At some stage I'd love to tell you about how this sunflower maze idea was conceived and a few tales about the execution.  For now I need to keep running.

Sorry to so super last minute but often this seems to be how we roll in harvest season.   If anyone would like to check out the maze early, you're welcome to poke around this evening.  We will be out there working, probably putting up signs and finishing building the maze.  We expect to open tomorrow morning.  

The flowers are just getting started to bloom and our guess is that they will be in full bloom by early next week.   If you do arrive this evening please don't bother using your free ticket code. Please come back another day when we are fully set up and use it.    It is already a beautiful spot to go for a wander before or after a beer at the BeerFarmers

Click here to buy tickets and use the code veggieboxcrew to redeem your free pass.    Again.. please don't use this tonight.

If you run into us over the course of the next few weeks, please introduce yourselves as a member so we can get a chance to thank you for investing in our project.  We are so appreciative of your support.    I've got to get out there and get stuff ready.  Have and amazeing weekend ;)


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