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Bulk Tomato Orders + End of Flower Season

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Season 3 of the LCO community supported flower project is coming to an end this week.  Last week was the final bouquet for the bi-weekly members, this week will be the final bouquets for the weekly members.  A late start to the season had us fretting that the already short flower season might get squashed and we wouldn't have flowers until the promised end date.  What a relief and gift the September sunshine has been! 

Kerry has loads of flowers to put together beautiful the final bouquets. Phew!!  

The flower project is Kerry's baby.. to a large degree most of us at the farm are somewhat in the dark about the goings on in this secret society.  On Tuesday  evening the vegetable pack station transforms into a flower lab.  Sometimes there are visitors whom I can only assume are guest contributors, other times it's just kerry hammering away in there with a can of beer and table full of flowers.   You are supporting and taking part in a 100% passion fueled project and we appreciate it!  Thank you for helping us grow!

There is thought, care and laughter put into every single bouquet that leaves this farm.   Thank you so much for taking part! 

Tomatoes Would anyone be interested in a box of tomatoes for canning or saucing or just a plain old tomatoes sandwich party? Before I get on social media and sell off our last few hundred pounds I was hoping to offer them up for delivery.   Email me if you'd like a box delivered with your order this week.  Prices are as follows..  Boxes will consist of red slicers and/or romas.  Both make great sauces.  10 lbs- 30$ 20 lbs- 45$ 50 lbs- 112.50 Please email me your orders and I will confirm your order.  Let's try to keep all the orders on email rather than text or Facebook messenger.  



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