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2020 Vegetable Deliveries are About to Begin

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hello everyone, the vegetables are growing great and we're excited for the awesome season ahead.   It is however a slow and unusual start... "unusual" is starting to feel like a bit of a theme this year.  I'm banking on the August watermelons to be unusually sweet and the July tomatoes and corn to be unusually plentiful as well :) Unusually cool weather and the uncertain fate of the Whistler Farmers market has us scratching our heads about the best start date for the delivery. Please be patient with us and we will be in touch this weekend with a detailed welcome letter and a final decision on whether we start delivering wed/thurs  (June 24/25) next week, or the week afterwards (July  1 and 2).  We apologize for the vagueness.. we will firm this up as soon as soon as we are confident in next week's harvest.     The Vegetable delivery program is our favorite and the most lucrative part of our business.   We refer to the membership as "the spine" of our enterprise.  Thank you so much for this support, we will be doing everything we can to make sure that we deliver loads of great vegetables to your doorstep all season long.     Please text me if you have urgent question 604 966 7877 or email and we will get back as quickly as we can. 

These flowers were planted last season and we never saw a bloom.  This sping we wandered past the flower patch and lo and behold.  Mini flower piraanhas! How cool are they?!

Future Broccoli, cabbage, kale, collard, celery, fennel, Broccolini, Caulliflower in allll the colors.  (This stuff loves the cool weather).  Also shown here is Kerry controlling weeds and fertilizing on one of our favorite tractors.  1953 Allis Chalmers Model G

Insecticide is never our first line of defense against problematic palnt eating insects of the farm, we often start with physical barriers or  biological strategies.   These packages contain Neoseiulus californicus, a predatory mite that can survive for a little while without food; they will crawl out of the package to feed.  They're our preventative guardian against problematic mites in our cucumber house.   .... in the event that we run into an infestation we introduce another variety that has a much more voracious appetite but needs to be feeding on it's prey to survive.  Super effective, very affordable and easy to implement.   

"Are we done yet?.. biking now?!"


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