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Veggie Box #1, 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

ooo .. hello!

Ok.. so that was another harrowing first delivery day!  Wowza.  Squamish and Pemberton you have been delivered.  Please let us know if we missed you.  This gets much smoother as we go.  Also....Our newsletters seem to be having issues getting through to some folks.  We are working on this.  I guess telling the folks that are getting the emails isn't very helpful but it's all I can do :/.  If you have a friend on the program.. tell them you're getting newsletter and to contact us if they aren't. The buddy system ?  Here's a list of what you will find in your box.  Please poke around Katherine's website if you need inspiration for the vegetables.  The season always starts light and leafy.. Roots, flowers and fruits are on the wayy!!

What's in the box this week: Radish Arugula Cilantro Pea shoots  Green Kale Collard leaves Salanova lettuce mix. 

Take care everyone and have a great week! 


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