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Vegetable Box Delivery Program

Available in Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton

2023 Shares available on Febuary 21 

Thank you for supporting local farming in Pemberton! We are happy to have you part of our farm!

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We often open up a few more spots over the summer.  If you want to join the farms delivery this summer 

 please put your name down to be notified when shares become available. 


How it works

You receive a weekly box full of delicious organic vegetables (+optional flower bouquet) delivered to your doorstep. The program runs for 17 weeks from mid-June to mid-October and the exact contents of each box are a surprise, depending on what is in season at the time! 

Structured as a CSA, you pre-pay either your full share or half of your share at the beginning of the season. This influx of cash pays for the seeds we sow and the early work required on our farm before we have any harvestable products. Your investment directly supports local farming in Pemberton.

Throughout the season, we provide recipes to help you enjoy the food and a weekly newsletter to keep you updated on our farming season. As well, we extend members the option to add bulk orders of tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes, and squash to their delivery. 

Service available in Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton.

What's in each box?

We have one main CSA share size. This share is made up of 6-10 different types of vegetables per week with about a meal's worth of each vegetable. We often like to theme our boxes with a certain menu in mind. In previous years, we have done a "Salsa box," a "Potato Leek Soup" box, a "Ratatouille box" and many more.

We find that the amount of food is perfect for families with young children who cook a few nights per week or for singles and couples who eat a lot of vegetables. Within the first few boxes, you'll learn how the share fits into your weekly grocery plan.

These artistic box photos will give you an idea for the quantity and type of vegetables provided.

Early Season

Here's what you might expect to be in season for June/July:


Snap Peas

Pea Shoots



Hakurei Turnips

Garlic Scapes

Lettuce heads

Black Kale

Curly Kale 





Collard leaves

Salanova lettuce mix

Mid Season

Here's what you might expect to be in season for Aug/Sept:











Young Onions

Patty Pan Squash

Fresh Garlic

Brussel Sprout Tops

Young potatoes

Green Beans 


Swiss Chard


Cabbage (Green, Purple)

Peppers (Shishito, Bell, Jalapeno, Poblano)

Late Season

Here's what you might expect to be in season for October:

Winter Squash (Spaghetti, Carnival, Delicata, Buttercup, Red Kuri, Butternut)

Brussel Sprouts



Storage onions

Storage garlic





Flower Add-On Option

Harvested fresh and made to bring you joy. Available weekly (12 total) or bi-weekly (6 total).


Flowers are Kerry's passion project that continues to grow each season, adding more interesting and beautiful varieties every year. To a large degree most of us at the farm are somewhat in the dark about the goings on in this secret flower society.


Every evening before delivery, the vegetable pack station transforms into a flower lab. Sometimes there are guest contributors, other times it's just Kerry hammering away in there with a can of beer and table full of flowers. 


There is thought, care and laughter put into every single bouquet that leaves this farm. Thank you for supporting and taking part in a 100% love fuelled project.

Meet Your Growers

Kerry McCann ©AudreyThizy.2019

Kerry McCann


Kerry is our very own plant expert, finder of lost tools, and the one who keeps the day=to=day task list on track.

Andrew Bugell ©AudreyThizy.2019

Andrew Budgell


Budgie is our fixer of things that are broken, who keeps the plants watered and takes care of Business Ops.

The Crows

The Crows

Seasonal Crew

Every year, we welcome a handful of hardworking crew members that quickly become like family.

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